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We are a Catholic lay apostolate whose objective is to implement the directives laid out in the Second Vatican Council’s document, Inter Mirifica – Decree on the Media of Social Communications. The Council Fathers recognized all modern means of communications media – print, press, radio, television, movies, and now the internet – as blessings to human society. They called the laity to serve the common good and to evangelize the world through the moral and ethical use of these gifts in order “to instill a human and Christian spirit into these media.”

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“Go into the whole world and preach the gospel to every creature.” (Mark 16:15).

The media of social communication are separate and merging technologies. These existing and emerging instruments of social communication are the new vehicles through which we must evangelize…They are modern methods we are obligated to use to bring the Word of God to all mankind. The Father John A. Hardon, S.J. Media Apostolate was formed at the urging of the late Servant of God Father John A. Hardon, S.J. to implement the directives of Inter Mirifica, the Vatican II document on social communications.

The Future of Christianity, Notably Its Evangelization, Gravely Depends on a Balanced Understanding of the Modern Communications Revolution.

We have entered into our century into more than just what we popularly call “the communication age”. It is and it no doubt it will be until the end of time, the age of communication, but just because, just because it is the age of communication it is meant to be as the Second Vatican Council could not have made plainer, in its document, Inter Mirifica the most neglected of the sixteen documents of Vatican II. Just because we entered the age of communications in the providence of God, this is meant to be the age of evangelization. We might also in one sense say we are beginning a new apostolic age. Our age offers the prospect of bringing millions, hundred of millions to the feet of Jesus Christ. Just as the world had been brought to the feet of Christ by St. Paul, but how this world needs, how it needs a St Paul.

Pope John Paul II, anticipating the crisis in which the world is now passing tells us, he is looking forward to the twenty-first century as the brightest in the history of Christianity. But on one condition, that condition is that we have the faith and zeal of St. Paul. Consequently, please God, this will not happen if the media of communication will remain that sterile instrument and potential means unless there arrives in our day, and soon, faithful in every state of life who’s love of Christ is so ardent who’s love of Jesus is so burning, that it cannot remain in themselves but must be communicated to others. The very essence of love is to give. Love wants to share. “Must” is not too strong a word to describe an attitude of spirit that craves, craves, to share with the hunger for giving what is born of God. That you, like God, to share if possible with the whole human race.